Bill Drake Band - Tour Reports

Something Old, Something New

Hungary 2018

A very cool thing, 25 years in the making, happened yesterday in Ujpalota (Wee-pal-oat-a = "New Palace) a suburb of Budapest, Hungary.

The Pastor there, Gabor, met us with such enthusiasm! We found out that he had been following OM for many years. He is the man who discipled Attila Kapoc, the current Field Leader of Operation Mobilization in Hungary, when Attila first came to Christ many years ago. Gabor’s church building is brand new, and he was so excited to host us in his modern facility.

A Legacy To The Ends of the Earth

Canada 2017

There is an idyllic town of around 1,200 people located near the South Saskatchewan River in the vast breadbasket of Canada.  From this little place the beautiful believers there touch the ends of the earth. With an unprecedented percentage of their finances already going out, they also send their best, as parents support their incredibly gifted young-adult children heading off to the Mission Field.

65 years ago a man by the name of Oswald J. Smith started a missions conference in this little town of Waldheim, Saskatchewan, and that conference has been going every year since.  I had the privilege of leading worship and sharing stories from the mission field at the missions conference, starting with a Sunday morning service in a park, playing with an awesome Canadian worship band from the flatbed of a semi-trailer.

From Saskatoon to Kabwe

Zambia 2017

(A wheelchair, a mosquito, and a long dangerous road…)

I’ve had some pretty crazy travel stories after being involved in global mission for the last 26 years, but rarely have I had a journey quite as hectic as this last one when it came to connections, length of time, and distance!

My task, should I choose to accept it, was to travel from Waldheim, Saskatchewan Canada, to Kabwe, Zambia, in as short a time as humanly possible. The reason? Two key events were backed up against each other on the calendar, and after praying about it (yeah, I’m gonna blame God for this one!), we sincerely felt that I was to be at both!

The Invitation

Hungary 2017

A Bill Drake Band tour in Hungary encompasses many things including outreach, evangelism, building community out of a team of musicians, dancers, technicians, translators, and greeters – many of whom have never met each other prior to the tour. We always get to “sow the seed”, and we get to water. And sometimes, we get to see a harvest – like we did at Rackeresztur Men’s Rehabilitation Center, where like last summer, we had the awesome privilege of seeing some men come to Jesus!

But without a doubt one of the highlights of this year’s tour was going to the Orbottyan facility, where we got to minister to people who much of the world would say should maybe have never been born: the deformed, the mentally challenged, those with Downs Syndrome – the sometimes called “ugly ducklings” of this world.