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The Arts and Church Planting: An Act of Creating Beauty

by Bill Drake

Photography by Dileep Ratnaike

The triune God of the Bible timelessly exists in perfect love, unity and community. He reveals Himself to man through His Word, His prophets, His Son and His creation. His glory shown throughout the universe is the manifestation of His presence, the majestic expression of His divine person and character. That He is ‘beautiful’ is without dispute. 1

Art in the Bible

by Bill Drake

God is the consummate artist, the purveyor of Divine expression. In the eternal Logos, He is the originator and bestows truth in communication. What these two statements mean for the arts is that they are the creative medium God has chosen to express Himself aesthetically: to the imagination, to the five senses, and to the visceral dimensions of the heart in order to communicate truth and elicit worship from mankind.